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We would love to feature your business or website on our Profiles in Business Podcast! Keep reading to learn how to get featured on major podcast networks like Apple, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart and more. 

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Here’s How it Works

Our Profiles in Business Podcast features businesses, websites, and creators that are impacting their industry and the world. When you fill out the request form below, we will produce a podcast episode featuring your business, website, or service and distribute it to all of the major podcast forums showcased above. 

Enhanced Visibility and Reach

By featuring on a podcast that is distributed across major podcast forums, your business, website, or service gains exposure to a broad and diverse audience. This wider reach can attract new customers or clients who may not have discovered your offerings through traditional marketing channels.

Establishing Industry Authority

Being featured on a podcast that highlights impactful businesses and creators can position your business as a thought leader in your industry. This helps in building credibility and trust among your target audience, as well as peers within your industry.

Engaging Content for Marketing

Your podcast episode is a valuable piece of content that can be used in your own marketing efforts. It can be shared across social media, embedded in your website, or used in email marketing campaigns, providing a dynamic and engaging way to connect with your audience.

Sample Episodes

Here are some sample episodes you can check our to get an idea of how our podcast works:


Is there a Charge for This?

There's no charge for being featured on our podcast. We do have an optional backlinks addon package, in which we add links from the podcast back to your site, giving you a minimum of six high domain authority links ranging from DR 82 to 91, which will help supercharge your Google search ranking standings. However, this is an optional addon and not required to be featured on our podcast. 

How Will My Site Benefit?

Podcast exposure offers numerous advantages, including increased visibility and reach by featuring your business on major podcast platforms, thereby establishing your brand as an authority in your industry. It also provides engaging content that can be utilized in your marketing efforts, fosters networking opportunities with other industry influencers, and enables compelling storytelling to personally connect with your audience. This comprehensive approach can significantly contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Can I see a Sample Episode?

Absolutely! You can listen to some recent episodes by clicking HERE and HERE

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